Align yourself with Balance & Well-being - The Spiritual Art of Self Care


When:   March 11, 2018

Where:  Five Wellbeing Spa, 5602 S Nevada St, Littleton, CO

Time:     1:00-4:00 pm

Cost:      $100.00


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Join us for a day filled with relaxation and a journey into empowerment. 

Five Well Being Spa and ShamanStar have teamed up to offer a Sunday filled with healing for the body, mind and soul. Spa treatments, a Shamanic bliss filled workshop and time with a community of inspiring women. A gift of love to yourself.

We begin with time to decompress at the Spa. Included is two treatments to deeply relax you and ready your energy for the workshop to follow. 

The “Exhale” of the Sound Resonance Therapy chairs will calm the mind with deep soft vibrations into the body. Combine this with “Inhale” salt therapy room, where you breath in healing benefits of salt while reclining in comfort. Both treatments prepare you for the heart opening workshop to follow.

Enter into the world of the Sacred Dream…where you create your reality with love, and conscious intent. Our three hour workshop will be focused on deep, spiritual self care. You will learn how to create the Sanctuary Within, where you can balance and see any situations in your life with a detached calm. From there you will meet your Sacred Council of Self and learn to receive information from your Higher Self. This voice within is your intuitive self and your own healing ability. Together will create a ceremony that you can repeat at home to keep this energy alive and powerful in your daily life.

The Details:
Spa opens at 9:15. Please call ahead  (720-283-4025)  to arrange your time for the two included treatments. The Spa is also offering a 30% discount on any other treatments purchased that day. Please check out the amazing, unique offerings at
Lovely places for lunch are in walking distance to the spa. A handout with suggestions will be given to you when you arrive.

The Art of Spiritual Self Care workshop is from 1 to 4pm in the Yoga room at the Spa. All you need bring is a journal, everything else will be provided for you. Our day concludes at the end of the workshop.

Summer Solstice Celebration

Open to the public


June 21, 2018

5:30 pm

Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver, CO

$20 suggested donation