Spirit Retrieval - Changing Personal History

While healing from a chronic health issue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Epstein Barr, Paula created a process of bringing lost energy back into her body. Gently, she was guided by her Spirit guides and allies, on the steps that would aid her in healing the trauma that led to the illness she was facing. It was a powerful healing catalyst that changed her life forever.

Beginning in 1992, Paula began sharing this Spirit Retrieval process with others. The process takes you around The Sacred Wheel as you learn how to heal yourself with refound energy. It offers a foundation in Shamanic teaching as well as a technique you can use to empower yourself at any time. It is a gift of healing beauty you give to yourself.

At the core of Changing Personal History is the ancient belief that when you go through traumatic or painful experiences–as a child, adolescent or as an adult–pieces of your spirit leave your body.  You will learn a process in our work together to bring back these pieces, changing the emotional truths of your past–changing your personal history.

Changing Personal History is good for…

  • aiding with healing from chronic illness*
  • recovering from past emotional trauma
  • renewing energy and purpose
  • empowering yourself by becoming your own healer
  • learning basics about Shamanic healing

This four session process is completed over four consecutive weeks. You learn to be your own healer and are empowered to continue this process on your own.

‘”Changing Personal History helps to remove the obstacles within that keep other healing modalities from working. It opens us to deeper self love and feelings of worthiness. It is giving you the tools to take charge of your energy and move yourself into a healing state. Whether you are looking for physical healing or just greater knowledge of self, CPH will become a treasured tool for you to use for the rest of your life.”Paula Elizabeth 




*Shamanic work is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Sessions, Classes, CPH and Ceremony work hand-in-hand with traditional methods and all are expected to seek the proper treatment for any condition they are facing. 

Changing Personal History was so powerful for me I will always be grateful to Paula for this work. The experience truly allowed me to heal myself from some very traumatizing moments in time. One of the most important investments I made in myself.” Beth Dillion McGrath


“This work has meant the world to me…you are gifted…I can not thank you enough.” Tania S.


“Amazingly powerful…I learned so much…thank you sister.” Christy H.