ShamanStar is a spiritual organization practicing a heart-based, modern approach to the ancient path of shamanism. We empower ourselves through sacred teachings, meditation, art, ceremony and connection within our community. Our path focuses on mindful, compassionate self discover and joyful service for the highest good of all.




The ShamanStar Story


The ShamanStar was started by our Founder, Paula Elizabeth. In 1994, after 6 years of Shaman apprenticeship, along with a degree in traditional Philosopy and intensive work with Hindu and Buddhist teachers, Paula channeled the core of the ShamanStar. It is the essence of the Native Medicine Wheel, the yantras and thanka painting of mandalas. It is a pure Shamanism...a way of seeing beyond the self to touch the bliss of inner power. It is a path that awakens.


Since the time when the first 12 points of the inner Star were written, the ShamanStar has evolved and has been taught to souls of all backgrounds all around the world. They have taken this work and made it a part of their spiritual practices. The members of the Star live empowered, more joyful lives. As we heal and grow, we send out our energy to uplift the world. We are Souls of Power and if you feel called...come and join us!

Questions? Call us at (303) 894-9886 or email us at, and our dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


December 16, 2017 Winter Solstice & Open House

December 16, 2017

Noon - 3:00 pm

1776 S. Jackson St, Suite 810

Open to the public!

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ShamanStar Class 7

Last class:1/27/18

1:00 - 3:00 pm *new time!

ShamanStar Class ShamanStar New Class for 2018!

Join us and start anew for 2018 on your Shamanic journey of personal growth and expansion!

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Spiritual retreat in Crestone, CO ShamanStar 2018 Retreat

August 24-26, 2018

Blazing Mountain Retreat

Crestone, CO

Registration coming soon!