I am so happy to be returing to Five Well Being Spa for another workshop! 


Cutting Cords and Entering Peace

Saturday June 8th -  1 to 5pm



How we see our current reality is directly connected to how we percieve the past. 


In this workshop we will explore and experience the freedom that come from releasing the past and the gifts of deeper forgiveness. The ability to cease re-living past hurts, and releasing the brain pathways that feel stuck are keys to freedom.  Shaman exercises and techniques will help you move into a energy filled with balance and  renewed strength. Learn the power of recapitulation, forgiveness through empathy and reclaiming your essential nature that is filled with light. 


You will receive handouts and a charged crystal to help you on this journey. 


Enjoy two relaxing complimentary treatments...."Inhale" Salt Therapy and "Exhale" Sound Resonance Therapy. Five well being also offers a discount on all treatments booked the day of the workshop. Explore their healing beauty!


This workshop is limited to 12 people! Register today!


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