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Beloved Friends...
May this note reach you in the energy of love. May you feel the light being offered in prayer and ceremony every day and may it help uplift any difficulty you are having a this time.
This is a time of of misrepresented change for our world. As we navigate this together its important to know we are not alone. We may be distanced physically, but shamans have always known, the physical is just one aspect of reality. In spirit, in the Sacred Dream, we are together....close and one.
I have been offering phone sessions for over 15 years with gratitude. These sessions offer insight into anything you facing, probable outcomes and connection with loved one living and passed on. Prayer and ceremony work is done after each call to bring in your guides and offer continued healing energy. To book directly, please go to Book a Session with Paula
I am also offering sliding scale/free work. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need. Call or text me directly at 720 323 4580 and I will set up your session for you.
Great Spirit, Divine of All, Sweet Energies that love us...
bless this Earth, our beautiful Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her.
Give faith to the frightened, healing to the ill and hope to the ones who feel alone.
Hold each healer, nurse and doctor, close to you with strength.
Hold every person in the light that restores and calms.
Great Spirit....within your energy all can be uplifted.
Guide us all into the compassion, the love and the healing that will bless our country and our Earth.
As Mother Theresa said, "...we have forgotten we belong to each other."
Let us remember that now. Let us heal and restore now.
So Be It. HO!
To remove the illusion of separation between ourselves and the Divine eternal energy of love, mystic bliss, and wholeness...that is the purpose.
To feel the words of the great souls...the poets and a Certainty and taste the bliss they have written of, deep within our souls....that is path and reason.
Sweet loves....
Loving every layer of ourselves, the light and shadow is the way. Tonight my spirit is dancing and my heart is open with such strength...I know it must be beyond myself.
It is the compassion of the Great Spirit guiding with tenderness. It is lifetimes of hope, faith and prayers coming through. I struggle to get out of the way for the flow of light. I let go of feeling unworthy, of any fear, and thoughts that bite with sharpness. I take refuge in the energy that feels like an embrace of such love....there are not words to describe it.
Find me at the Sacred Fire in the Dreamtime. Sit with me and watch the flames touch the sky.
Be in the timelessness.
Open your heart in safe, sacred vulnerability.
Call out....and allow the energy, divine energy, to enter.
Since the beginning of the beginning...Astarte, Inanna, White Star, She of a Thousand Names, Shakti...has answered the call of her children.
Open...and be here with me in the love.


Nothing Can Harm You


Long session with a sweet, older client this morning. A reader at the Body, Mind, Spirit fair had told her that a negative energy had attached itself to her....causing her to be physically ill.

Now the client has been suffering with painful neuropathy for a long time. She has had a very traumatic past and has worked hard in her life to overcome it.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the reader who told her she had a "snake of negative energy" wrapped around her head, was somehow trying to help.
But, instead all the reader did was instill fear.

Fear....the cause of so much pain, giving our power away, illness and sorrow.

We are all equal in the energy of love, healing and light. We are all capable of creating energy that brings us beauty. We are ALL powerful.

Gently I brought this client back into an empowered space. She loves Catholic imagery and together we invited the truth of Divine love in through Holy Spirit, Jesus and Mother Mary. We asked Great Spirit and her ancestors to restore her and we opened in trust and purity into the light that can create healing.

Sweet loves....
always remember this truth: Nothing can harm you, it can only trick you into harming yourself through fear.
Trust your wisdom, your instincts, your direct connection to the Divine through your own Higher know the way. ♡



The Ancient Awakening


To awaken women into their power is one of the goals of the Star.
We are Shamans who seek to be the fierce love of the Divine Feminine in the world. We know...that love starts from within, that it always prevails and that it is the only true, lasting healing that will help our country and our world.
need to remember that the Divine, God, Spirit, the just as much Feminine as it is Masculine.
That lifetimes of referring to God only in a male way has been the core of women being less than.
This is the true root of inequality. This is where it all begins.
God is not only the Father, Son and Spirit.....God is the Mother and Daughter too. God is the earth and sky...plant and animal. God is ALL...without exception.
But first....
women must see their own reflection as the "face" of God and be healed. Restoring the self esteem and the equality is beyond important.
It is vital and it will heal so much related to it.
It is the ancient truth that is still radically new to us.




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