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Retreats are a time for reflection and renewal. Staritng in 2014, Paula has taken participants on a weekend retreat to help deepen the ShamanStar work. ShamanStar retreats are open to the public and do not require previous ShamanStar classes to attend.


ShamanStar 2018 retreat

Invocation - calling in the Spirits!


WhereBlazing Mountain Retreat CenterCrestone, CO

When:   Aug 24 -26

Time:    Registration begins at 4pm on Friday and the retreats ends at 2pm on Sunday.

Cost:    $575 and up (Price depends on room selection and discounts applied (see registration page for details)).

             Participants need only pay $150 upon registration.

             You are able to make payments, with complete payment due by August 15th.


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Invocation – Calling in the Spirits

A Shaman Retreat is a time of magic. It is when you step of the ordinary and enter into the world of the sacred...the world of power. Through ceremony, deep meditative journeys into the Dreamtime, and loving care, we create a safe place for you to learn and shine.


"Giving yourself the gift of a retreat is a powerful affirmation of your own We take time out of our daily routines, our lives, to connect with the peace, the light, the Divine light within. We come together, in joyful community, to laugh and process and expand our consciousness...and manifest the beauty we are into the world." - Paula Elizabeth


This marks ShamanStar’s fifth year of our two night retreat. Deeper into the bliss we go! This year we focus on understanding the energy through spirits. Within the beauty of the Sacred Wheel, we will learn to see, feel and communicate with the world of spirit…of energy…that exists all around us. We are spiritual beings living in the physical world. This retreat will bring you back to the truth of your own Divine nature and allow you to find balance.

At this retreat you will:

  • Create a ceremonial sacred object, the Sistrum. This ancient instrument guides us into understanding how sound and vibration help to call in our guides and open a pathway to spirit communication
  • Learn techniques of visioning that allow us to vision and “dream while awake.” 
  • Explore the realms of Spirit for guidance, healing and manifestation. Receive a name from Spirit that speaks to your timeless soul
  • Fire Ceremony and Blessing
  • And so much more beauty magic

Within you is a Shaman ready to sing her power song into the world. Taking time out of your busy life allows you to find her and return to your life ready to access those gifts.

Join us for this round into the Sacred Mystery!


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