Shaman Star Retreat 2017

September 8th - 10th

Blazing Mountain Retreat Center 

Crestone, CO

Check-in  @ 4 pm on Friday                         Retreat ends @ 2 pm on Sunday

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Join us for our 4th annual retreat to find a greater sense of inner power and peace...drumming the heartbeat of the earth...moving into a state of calm that can enhance our daily lives.

Drumming connects us to the heartbeat of Mother Earth through the rhythmic beat of the drum. This quiets the thoughts so we can get into the body in a shamanic way and allows us to reconnect to the truth of who we really are.

This retreat will be a sacred and beautiful experience for shamanic drum making and meditation in Crestone, CO. Retreat participants will create their own drum, be guided in meditation and participate in drumming ceremony. The Blazing Mountain Retreat Center, one of the most beautiful retreat facilities in North America, has a remarkable atmosphere that evokes the ancient pilgrimage sites of old, inviting all who come here into a deep exploration of contemplative practice.

Come join us...flowing the heart beat back to source via the drum beat.

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For questions or issues concerning the retreat or registration, you may contact Julie Gale at 720-229-3211 or by email at

Shaman Star Core

                        TBD                                       Core Meeting at Platform T      

Shaman Star Class

                 August 26, 2017                     Star Class:       Noon - 2 pm               Star Council:    3 - 5:30  pm 

Retreat 2017

                Sept 8 - 10th 2017                                 Drumming Retreat                            Crestone, CO - Register 

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