About Paula

Paula Elizabeth is a Shamanic practitioner and creator of ShamanStar, an organization with the mission to empower people to the true awakening of self-knowledge by taking the truths of Shamanism infused with the Divine Feminine. She is an intuitive counselor, author and teacher.  


Heeding a call from her childhood, Paula has followed in path of her Mother's intuitive, Celtic shamanic lineage by apprenticing to a shaman for over six years. She has offered her work of spiritual counseling and teaching for the past 25 years.

A native of New York City, she began her practice at The Women's Rights Center, a small, non profit organization devoted to women's spirituality, initiated regular services to the Divine Mother, offered a monthly Shaman Council and began offering Spirit retrieval work called Changing Personal History (CPH). Paula was the Director of Earth Based and Eastern Religion Forums for the Microsoft Network for several years, sharing her deep knowledge of modalities of worship with MSN's large on-line community. She has published in Sage Woman Magazine and other on-line journals. She is a graduate of New York University.

Currently she offers private intuitive counseling, shamanic healing work, retreats and classes in Denver, CO. Her on-going class, Shaman Star, is a year long journey into the heart of the Divine self. With graduates from all over the country, the Star keeps growing adding new members monthly. Her yearly retreat is offered to graduates and to the public for in depth work into alternate states of healing consciousness.

Paula deeply believes that the balance of personal empowerment and compassion for others leads one to true inner understanding and bliss. 


"Your life is your art to create. All of ShamanStar exists to empower you, through the sacred path of self knowledge. Awaken your true divine nature and begin to live the beauty of your dreams" 

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ShamanStar LLC was created by Paula Elizabeth, Intuitive Counselor and Modern Day Shaman