We are the Heart of the Star!

We are the woman who support Paula in her vision for ShamanStar!

Our Team

Paula Elizabeth

Founder & Director of Expansion

Paula is truly a gift and is the founder of ShamanStar. Her insight, wisdom and vision has given the world a tremondous gift, both in her personal work in her sessions with individuals and in a public setting through her classes, workshops and retreats. Paula is on a path to expand the Star and reach many more open and eager spirits to join our Star family.

Darlene Zwolinski

Director of Operations

Darlene operates in numerous roles to the Star. She is Paula's personal assistant and helps out with client session bookings. She is also the head webmaster. She manages all the financials for the business and generally coordinates business activities. You can contact Darlene at (720) 291-4956 or email her at dzwolinski@gmail.com if you need assistance with Star activities.

Jeanne Granville & Darcie Kurtak

Darcie - Director of Communication

Jeanne - Support Staff Member

Darcie coordinates all the Star documents for classes, workshops, Facebook posts and blog material.


Jeanne is a fantastic helper to everyone on the staff! She helps where ever needed and gives invaluable insight into Star business.

From left to right: Dr. Lisa Templeton, Darlene Zwolinski, Darcie Kurtak, Paula Elizabeth, Melinda, Julie Gale, Maureen Curtin, Jeanne Granville & Susan Cecere.





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ShamanStar LLC was created by Paula Elizabeth, Intuitive Counselor & Modern Day Shaman