The Heart of the Star

We are the women who support Paula in her vision to bring the work of ShamnStar into the world!

Our Team

Paula Elizabeth

Founder & Director of Expansion

Paula is truly a treasure and is the founder of ShamanStar. Her insight, wisdom and vision has given the world a tremondous gift, both through her personal work in sessions with her clients and within a public setting through her classes, workshops and retreats. Paula is on a path to expand the Star and reach many more open and eager spirits to join our Star family.

Darlene Zwolinski

Director of Operations

A Star member since Star class 4, Darlene operates in numerous roles. She is Paula's personal assistant, helping out with client session bookings. She is also the webmaster and manages all the financials and generally coordinates business activities for the Star. Darlene is passionate in her desire to serve in what ever capacity to help people grow and expand. Her full time work is in the healing profession acting as both a Traditional Naturopath and Acupuncturist in Lakewood, CO.

Maureen Curtin

Market Place Coordinator

We started the marketplace to showcase the many artists of our group. We started adding tools to facilitate the practices we learn about in class. It is a joy to share the art of the Star!  There is so much beauty the the marketplace gets to share!!

Darcie Kurtak

Communications Coordinator

Darcie is our organizer of all documents involved in running the Star, from Class Handouts to Event Flyers and is currently in the process of creating a historical library of all our Star documents.  She also lends her expertise as a professional artist to the creative aspects of the Star. 

Dr. Lisa Templeton

Passionate Heart team member

Lisa a long time Star member, gifted psychologist and published author, has provided valuable inspiration and insight into the Star. She currently serves on the Expansion team.

Julie Gale

Event Coordinator

Julie is our go to gal for putting together all the events for the Star. She is also a therapist bringing a unique way of healing and light to all she meets. She extends this into all  events she helps to coordinate. She hopes to bring members of the star into a welcoming loving space for all to enjoy. 

Amy Shelley

Music Coordinator

Amy, a talented musician in her own right, supports the Star by recording class teachings and meditations, assembles them and make them available in beautiful form for all to enjoy!

    Katherine Reed


Katherine has been working with Paula in Star class for years. As an experienced art therapist, Katherine relishes the integration of collective creation with Paula’s vision and wisdom. Together, we are creating a new reality for the Star and for the Planet!


Jeanne Granville

Passionate Heart Team Member

Jeanne lends her support in any way she can! 

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ShamanStar LLC was created by Paula Elizabeth, Intuitive Counselor and Modern Day Shaman